Classes for Adults


These classes are geared toward adults.  Kids can take any of theses classes but Cold Process Soap Making.  You can arrange a kid's workshop for a group.  We offer discounts for scouts and school groups.

Terms and conditions.  Classes must be pre-payed and pre-registered.  Payments are non-refundable. If you need to cancel (for any reason) and you call us with at least 24 hours notice, you are eligible for a half credit of your class fee to use for any future class. This is not a refund, but a future credit. No credits for no-shows.  If we cancel the class due to low enrollment or illnes, we will fully refund your payment.

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  • Cold Process Soap Making Class

Learn how to make soap from scratch - the wonderful, natural soaps you see at specialty stores and farmer’s markets.  We use only vegetable oils ... and lye to make beautiful, creamy lathering soaps that are actually good for your skin.  We incorporate essential oils and botanicals.  A really fun craft to learn that can easily be a passion.

We will go over the process, get familiar with the equipment needed, learn about different oils, safety with working with lye (sodium hydroxide) and how to create a formula, working with colorant and fragrance and essential oils. We'll make at least one batch of soap.  Soap made in the cold process method takes 4-6 weeks to cure, so you'll take home 3 already cured cold process soap samples.  The class handout has the whole process from start to finish, properties of different vegetable oils, terminology of soap making, info on colorants and suppliers list.  We carry any of the items you need to get started in the supplies section of our store at comparable prices, with no shipping charges.

Cold process soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure before you can use it.  You will leave with sample sized bars of soap that has already cured and a small block of soap that we will make in class for you to take home and cure.

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Age 16 and up

2 hours - $60 per student - No prerequistite needed.  Choose one.

Reservations and payment are required in advance. 


  • Advanced Cold Process Soap Making  

Added by request to take your soap making further with colors, designs and ingredients.  This class for adults is some hands on, some demo.  You will learn at least 4 new technics.  You will take one already cured bar and a few samples of some of what we make in class to cure at home.

We are not going over the basics so best to take this class if you have already made soap before or taken a beginner class.  Age 16 and up.  $50 per person.  2 hours.  We will supply all materials.  Reservations and prepayment are required. 

No dates scheduled now.  Can be scheduled by request with 3 or more students.

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  • Perfume
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You don’t have to be a celebrity to create your own personal perfume.  At Opal’z, you can create your own one-of-a kind perfume. Your own fragrance is a thoughtful and unique gift, or simply a memorable personal indulgence at a very reasonable price.

You will enjoy a perfume consultation with a perfume experience guide beginning by learning a little about the construction of perfumes.  Then, you begin designing your own fragrance.  Your signature blend will be formed from your choice of quality essential and fragrance oils and aroma blends - by you!  You can include as many elements as you want to. 

Once you have designed a fragrance, it’s time to make it up.   The perfume for you to take home will be made up right then, so you can wear your creation immediately. You then choose a label, give your fragrance a name and then you leave with your beautiful creation.  This may be your favorite perfume ever so we will save your formula so you can come back in and easily make it again.  Making your own signature fragrance is a wonderful experience and makes a fantastic gift.

$80 per person.  This class can take anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to more than 3 hours.  It just depends on how long each person wants to take to craft their scent.  You will leave with your own signature perfume.  Reservations and prepayment are required. 


  • Perfume - Level ll

We are offering a second perfume creation experience - for anyone who has already taken the Perfume class.  We don’t need to spend as much time on the basics….. you just get right to it!  You’ll have access to a larger set of oils and you’ll still create a formula so it can be recreated over and over.

$60 per person.  Prerequisite and advanced registration required.

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  • Advanced Melt and Pour Soap Making/Soap Loaves Class

We are now doing this class as a workshop.  We can show you the basics and teach you advanced technics if you have specific questions.  Please mention your specific goals and what you’d like to learn about when booking.

This is a fun class where we will learn some melt and pour soapmaking technics.  We will do basic “soap crafting”, do layered bars,  swirls and make the loaves of all natural vegetable glycerin soap that contain shapes and botanicals when after slicing they look like really professional soaps.  These are great gifts and fun to use.  We will learn how to make the embeds to go inside the loaves and bars.  

$10 for your party to do it and $1 an ounce of the finished soap you make. 

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  • Candle Making Class

We will learn about different types of wax, different molds, scents, wicks and candle safety.

We will make a fragrant soy container candle, a whimsical gel candle and a beautiful pillar candle that are yours to keep (the pillar candle won’t be ready to take that day).

$60. Pre-registration is required.


  • Butters and Balms

Learn to make your own elegant body butters and balms.  Made from all natural skin-loving ingredients, these products sell for much more than they can be made for with readily available ingredients.  You'll learn about herbal infusions and additives to try and help solve skin problems and using different oils, waxes or butters to target certain areas.

Packaged in fun jars, tins and tubes, these products make great gifts or to pamper yourself.

$60 per person for the class fee, materials, recipes and products we make in class.


  • Salts and scrubs

Bath salts are wonderful because they have the ability to greatly enhance the physical and emotional benefits of bath time.  Bathing in salt water can stimulate circulation, hydrate the skin, increase moisture retention, promote cellular regeneration, detoxify the skin and soothe dry or irritated skin. Bathing in salt water also reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints, relaxes muscles and relieves pain and soreness. Bath salts can be expensive when paying the prices that many retailers charge. 

In this class we’ll show you how to make affordable, skin nourishing, fragrant bath salts at a fraction of the price.  And,  we’ll learn about using salts in a liquid scrub and make a whipped sugar scrub.  Packaged in nice bottles, bags and jars these make wonderful gifts and this class is right in time for the holidays.

$60 per person for the class fee, materials and the beautiful products we make in class. Reservations and pre payment are required.  


Liquid Soap Making Class

Learn to make your own natural liquid soap.  We’ll show you how to work safely with lye, how to formulate your own recipe, and scent and bottle some of your own.  Liquid soap making requires several steps - which we will have examples of in the class.  

You will leave with a formula, an informative handout and at least two bottles of your own handcrafted, scented liquid soap.

1 1/2 hours - $50 per person


Opal’z owner., Annie Jenkins has been a film and television make-up artist since 1979.   After years with working on music videos, commercials, feature films and television broadcasts, Annie’s clients now are mostly top executives and “real people”.  Combining a lifelong love of crafting, an interest in herbs and naturals and knowledge of hair, skin and beauty products,  Annie has been making soap, lotions, and balms for 8 years.  The enthusiasm for all things bath and body hasn't wained ... there is always more to learn and Annie loves to share knowledge.