Girl Scouts

We offer many girl scout options.

We can do soap making for a hygiene project, a gift, or to go in giveaways to shelters with socks and toothpaste or just for fun!

We can do tween skin care including a great handout for facial care scrubs and masques that can be made economically and natural at home for a lifetime of skin care that saves a lot of money and are healthier than commercial products.

And natural make-up for tweens and teens.  We can make eyes shadow, mineral make-up, natural blush, lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick.

Pricing from $10 per person and up.

Opal’z owner., Annie Jenkins has been a film and television make-up artist since 1979.   After years with working on music videos, commercials, feature films and television broadcasts, Annie’s clients now are mostly top executives and “real people”.  Combining a lifelong love of crafting, an interest in herbs and naturals and knowledge of hair, skin and beauty products,  Annie has been making soap, lotions, and balms for 8 years.  The enthusiasm for all things bath and body hasn't wained ... there is always more to learn and Annie loves to share knowledge.