Soap Making Workshops

As of 1/1/13 we longer have a retail store and "drop-in" soap making.  We still offer soap making for kids, supplies and kits, all by appointment.  Besides our workshop days, same day appointments may not be available.We set aside days where you can come in with a small group (or by yourself) to make soap.Use the form below or give a call to reserve your spot at any of these workshops.

We have availability on the weekdays and weekends for soap making for your small group.  Just give a call to check available spots.


The cost is just $20 per hour for your soap making group to use all of our soap base, scents, colors, molds, and fun things to put in the mold.

* The finished soap is only $1 per ounce for you to personally enjoy or give as gifts. Kids love to use their own soap ... especially soap they made themselves!  The soap base we carry is an all vegetable glycerin soap with no petrochemicals or harsh additives. Just pure, natural soap that is good for your skin!

We’ll explain how it’s done, assist you with the needed supplies and we clean up! You can’t beat the deal.  For less than you would pay to buy all of the supplies, you get personalized professional instruction, no mess in your kitchen to clean up.


Opal’z owner., Annie Jenkins has been a film and television make-up artist since 1979.   After years with working on music videos, commercials, feature films and television broadcasts, Annie’s clients now are mostly top executives and “real people”.  Combining a lifelong love of crafting, an interest in herbs and naturals and knowledge of hair, skin and beauty products,  Annie has been making soap, lotions, and balms for 8 years.  The enthusiasm for all things bath and body hasn't wained ... there is always more to learn and Annie loves to share knowledge.